The Lone Bellow.

Take in those words.

Great imagery / aural imagination, no?

Had the opportunity to see these lovely folks at a free concert at an outdoor venue in cool, slightly breezy, pre-sweltering-summer-heart weather. They are a group based out of Brooklyn, NY, and have one of the most refreshing sounds I have heard in a very long time. The lead singer, Zach Williams, initially started it all as a songwriting project / jumping off point based upon his journal entries about his experiences when his wife was temporarily paralyzed after a horseback riding accident. Lots of emotion and beautiful & unexpected harmonies from this trio. What is even more amazing is their use of silence and a cappella decrescendos — very effective. Their album Then Came The Morning was released at the beginning of this year. The first song to which I was introduced is called “You Don’t Love Me Like You Used To.”  This call-and-answer,conversational nature of this duet just really hit home with me.

The title track also gets a nod.

And…dessert. image Fruit of the berry variety coupled with flaky pastry? Hard for me to say no. Featured above is a blueberry tart that was gifted to me from a local German bakery.  I sometimes think that “tart” should equal “mini-pie.” A la mode? With alcohol-containing ice cream.  Just realized this post has a little New York theme going, as steve’s ice cream is also based out of the Empire State.

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