Every month, this blog will feature posts from Kara and Janice regarding their foods and music of the moment. There really isn’t much more to it than that.

Since day one of their friendship, Janice and Kara have forged a bond over their mutual love (obsession? addiction?) for food and music. They frequently send each other with pictures of delicious meals or recommendations of songs they’re into, and on a rare, happy occasion, they are able to share these beloved items in person.

This project came as a burst of random, sudden inspiration to Kara, who enjoys constantly plotting new creative outlets. In addition to both being musicians and foodies, Kara and Janice also share an appreciation for writing. So it made perfect sense for the two to join forces and blog about two constants in their lives. Kara’s plan for the blog was initially to feature dining and album reviews, but the blog has since evolved into a place to share reflections about any aspects of food and music that are currently significant in every day life.

The name of this blog, Medley, is a double entendre. This term can refer to either a concept that relates to music – a combination of different songs or excerpts woven together – or gastronomy – a mix of different foods or ingredients. And, if you squint your eyes and tilt your head to the left a little bit, Medley is a triple entendre: med- is a reference to Kara and Janice’s involvement in health care. (Note: Kara asserts that the practice of nursing should not be conflated with the practice of medicine; however she digresses from pushing this opinion, in the interest of a clever blog title.)