bangKara is a nurse practitioner grad student living in the land of coffee-hipsters and Jesus music. She enjoys the finer things in life, like: hearing her name pronounced “kar-uh”, always ending up stage-right in mosh pits, and succumbing to wanderlust. Naturally inclined to notice and evaluate patterns, she is addicted to generating stats about her music listening habits and goes through phases in which she can eat a particular food daily for a month.

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jannypooJanice is a physician living in the land of chicken fried steak, tornadoes, and The Flaming Lips. She, like Kara, also enjoys splendiferous things, like: diction for the sake of clarity and dramatic effect, cuisine themes & variations, and that age-old pastime of playing by ear. Discussing particular topics that translate across real and make-believe, fashioning clever, cryptic captions for photographs, and listening to happy-sounding songs with perhaps-less-than-happy lyrics are not uncommon for her.

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